Tiredness: a Car Accident Claim Danger

Tiredness: a Car Accident Claim Danger

What is Tiredness?

There is no one medical definition of tiredness or fatigue. What is certain is that from time to time everyone suffers from it, and some suffer more than others. In recent a medical survey, over 30% of people said they ‘regularly’ felt tired or run down. Up to 10% of people are estimated to suffer with a diagnosable sleep disorder such as insomnia, sleep apnea or narcolepsy.

Tiredness can be chronic (not enough sleep over weeks and months) or acute (one or more sleepless nights in a row).

The common symptoms of tiredness are:

In general, people who are experiencing tiredness are likely to find it more difficult to complete complex activities such as computer work or driving. Driving is a highly challenging activity for the human brain. It involves high levels of multitasking and concentration. For people who are suffering from severe fatigue, driving a car can be deadly.

Is Tiredness a Car Accident Claim Risk?

Statistics from transport officials and road safety charities agree: tiredness kills. Though precise figures vary, most organisations believe that tiredness and fatigue is a major factor in 10 -15% of car accident claims.

In a recent European survey, 25% of drivers admitted to falling asleep behind the wheel at least once (even if this didn’t result in a crash) and 50% said they had been so tired they had almost fallen asleep.

Crashes caused by falling asleep at the wheel are often more deadly than regular car accidents because the unconscious driver can’t reduce the impact of the crash or protect their body.

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