How your car could be the cause of your car accident compensation claim

How your car could be the cause of your car accident compensation claim

Recent research by a UK car manufacturer has shown that the chance of a car accident can increase by up to 60% if the car lacks basic safety features. Defects in safety equipment or drivers not taking full use of the features made available to them, such as wearing a seatbelt, can cause potentially fatal accidents. This article takes you through some of the common faults that occur in cars at the time of a crash, explains how you can minimise these problems yourself and draws to your attention some more advanced safety features that you could consider using to prevent the need for car accident compensation.

In the UK, it is legally required that all vehicles over three years old undertake an M.O.T to ensure that they meet basic road safety and environmental standards. This test examines all aspects of the car, from the effectiveness of its headlights and the condition of its tyres to the security of its seats and the quality of its bodywork. This very thorough examination should be enough to ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive.

However, in some situations these tests are not accurately carried out, or, more commonly, vehicles tend to malfunction despite being deemed safe to drive. The most common cause of car accidents by car malfunction is a defect in the breaking system. Brake pads become worn very easily through regular use, resulting in a longer stopping distance. Sometimes there may not be enough brake fluid in your car to ensure it can work effectively. This is often the case if you find it very easy to push the brake pedal all the way to the floor, without seeing a subsequent slowing of the vehicle. The independent investigator “Which?” found that over 48% of garages failed to detect when brake fluid was at its lowest level. Questioning your mechanic on simple things such as topping up the brake fluid or changing a faulty light bulb can be a small, but important, way to minimise your need for car accident compensation.

Accidents can be worsened by simple problems with a vehicle such as an ineffective seatbelt. Defective buckles can mean that the belt unlatches during a collision. More common, however, are instances of drivers or passengers failing to wear seatbelts altogether. Dorset police launched a “No Excuses” campaign in 2010, after a female driver claimed her reason for not wearing was due to her recent spray tan. She claimed, “I did not want to smudge it”. It is thought that 60,000 lives are saved each year since the wearing of seatbelts was made legally compulsory in January 1983. In more recent times there have been renewed campaigns to remind people of the importance of wearing seatbelts. A simple action of putting on a seatbelt ensures that drivers utilise their cars safety features to their utmost, and reduce their chance of needing to consider claiming for car accident compensation.

In recent times, safety features of cars have become more advanced and more features are becoming compulsory. As well as compulsory seatbelts, cars now are required to have air bags and “crumple zones”, which are designed to absorb the force of an impact. If your mechanic has failed to notice a problem with these compulsory aspects of the safety of your car, you could be entitled to car accident compensation. Often cars today are fitted with additional features: “traction control”, which prevent the wheel spinning during fast acceleration, and “anti-lock braking systems”, which allows vehicles to stop more quickly by creating more friction between the wheel and the road. Additional features such as electric windows, cruise control and adjustable seats are thought to make the ride more enjoyable, therefore allowing the driver to focus on the road. By considering a vehicle which has these more advanced features, you could reduce your chance of an accident by up to 60%.

If you have suffered an accident as a result of a malfunction with your vehicle or negligence from your mechanic, you could be entitled to car accident compensation. Try contacting Macks solicitors for a simple, easy way to receive accurate, no-fuss advice about how you can claim compensation. Simply complete the thirty second claim-form or call directly 0800 980 9388 to assess how much money you could be entitled to.