Could your health complaint entitle you to car accident compensation?

Could your health complaint entitle you to car accident compensation?

With over 35,000 people suffering injuries in car accidents in the UK every year, it is no surprise that many people are looking for car accident compensation. Whether it is a minor problem which has since improved, or a serious complaint that causes you ongoing pain and problems, it is worth investigating whether or not you could be entitled to compensation. As this article will explain, the health problems resulting from car accidents could be more wide-ranging than you think, covering short and long-term physical damage, as well as psychological scarring.

Immediate physical damage is the most obvious and common health problem that people seek following a car accident. Broken limbs are extremely common in emergency cases, due to the speeds at which bodies are moving at the time of many accidents. In 1995, Ben Trumbore suffered a complete compound fracture of the right tibia and fibula, during a head-on collision with a van. During an emergency medical operation, he received a titanium nail in his leg to strengthen his bones whilst they healed. Within a year, he made a good recovery, which is common in cases of broken bones. Mr. Trumbore was able to receive car accident compensation for the inconvenience of the accident, the cost of the necessary medical care, and the time lost from work whilst he recovered. Other conditions which cause short-term, but inconvenient, damage may be bruising caused by “blunt trauma”, or the force of impact, or other temporary back or chest pain. All these complaints, however temporary, may inhibit your daily activities and therefore qualify you for car accident compensation.

In the event of a serious car emergency, there are certain steps you can follow to minimize harm to yourself and your passengers. The most important thing to do is to remain calm. Crashes, however severe, are often shocking, scary events and can leave you feeling frightened or helpless. Try to remain calm and consider the situation. If you or any of the passengers in your car need urgent medical assistance, call the emergency services as soon as possible. You will need to provide them with details such as your location, name and severity of the crash, so be prepared to answer their questions. Also consider if any pedestrians or other vehicle users have been hurt in the accident. If you are able to, move away from the crash site to a safe area, such as the side of the road, to avoid any more damage. Once the emergency services arrive, they will be able to care for any injured parties and they will provide you with professional medical assistance. It will be useful for the sake of your car accident compensation claim to remember as many details about the accident as possible: what exactly happened, if there were any witnesses, what medical treatment you received.

Many car accidents, however, are minor and do not require emergency help. However even a small collision, which may have caused a minor jolt through the car, could cause you unexpected lasting damage. Whiplash can occur when the soft tissue around the spine is stretched or strained due to a sudden force; this can be the result of a small collision after stopping suddenly at a traffic light, for example. This can lead to headaches, stiffness or pain the neck for a few days following the accident. However, if the pain continues or you develop the sensation of pins and needles, the problem could be more severe than expected. Make sure you visit your GP, taking record of any diagnosis or medicine prescribed; as such details can assist your car accident compensation claim.

Non-physical damages can also be covered by some car accident compensation claims. The psychological trauma of accidents can leave a lasting scar on victims. A recent survey carried out by a UK Car Insurance company has found that two in five victims of serious car accidents suffer “flashbacks” to their accident, and are unable to travel on the roads in the same way, if at all. Anxiety and stress surrounding their vulnerability on the road can leave drivers feeling unable to return to the roads. This trauma may require counselling and time off work, which all could be covered by your car accident compensation.

If you feel you are suffering any medical complaints, physical or mental, as a result of an accident, you could be entitled to compensation. Contacting Macks solicitors is a simple, easy way to receive accurate, no-fuss advice about how you can claim compensation. Simply complete the thirty second claim-form or call directly 0800 980 9388 to assess how much money you could be entitled to.