Car Accident Advice – What to do now?

If you have been involved in a car accident you may be wondering what to do now

The following are some simple guidelines to follow starting from the immediate aftermath of the accident.

The first thing that you should do following a car accident if you were driving, is stop at the scene.     Do not leave the scene of the accident if you suspect that there may have been damage to any property including fences, bollards, walls, lampposts or other road side fixtures or any other vehicles involved in the accident.      Make sure that you stop at the scene if you think that there may have been any injuries to people or animals.

If you have your mobile phone it may be a good idea to telephone the police and emergency services if you think anybody needs urgent medical attention or if you feel that any vehicles are blocking the road or causing a hazard.   You should also notify the police if anyone leaves the scene without exchanging details.

Once injuries and hazards have been dealt with it is important if you were the driver to exchange details with other drivers of any other vehicles involved including providing your name, address and insurance details and vehicle registration number.   You should also take a note of any names, addresses and vehicle registrations of anybody who saw the accident and is a witness as to what happened.

If you have a camera, mobile phone or Ipod it may prove helpful if you take some photographs.  Photographs should ideally show the position of the vehicles on the road, the road layout and any markings.   If you can it is advisable to make notes of the accident as soon as possible as your recollection of events may fade with time.  Try to include information as to whether the other car was indicating or the driver was on his mobile phone.  A description of the other drivers involved in the accident and how many people were in the other vehicles, the precise time, date and weather conditions and anything else you feel may be relevant.

It is best not to enter into conversation as to whose fault the accident was, this can be decided once all the circumstances are known by the insurance companies and Solicitors.

If you are injured in an accident you should seek medical advice as soon as you can.   Contact a Solicitor as soon after the accident as possible.    Your Solicitor will be able to give you the best advice in relation to bringing a claim for compensation.  Your Solicitor will also advise in relation to hire vehicles, storage charges and recovering any policy excesses.