Car Accident Advice

If you are ever involved in a car accident the following advice may prove helpful:

It is important to take as many details as possible at the scene of the accident.  For this purpose it is advisable to keep a pen, paper and disposable camera in your car in case of an accident.

In relation to car accident advice, safety is always paramount.   If possible following an accident it is advisable first to check if any of the vehicles are posing a risk to any other road users.  It is advisable to put the cars hazard warning lights on.   In this case, and/or  if anyone appears to be injured or if any vehicle leaves the scene of the accident it is important to telephone the police and/or the ambulance service.

If there has been any damage to either vehicles or street lighting, bollards or other road side fixtures or if anybody has been injured in the accident it is an offence to refuse to exchange details with the other driver.    If possible at the scene of the accident it is helpful to write down the names and addresses and insurance details of the other driver.   If you cannot get any of these details it is always helpful to take a note of the registration numbers of any other vehicles involved in the accident.    In addition if possible you should also take a note of the drivers employers if he is driving in the course of his employment, the accident location and perhaps if possible a description of the other driver.    It would also be helpful to note the precise date and time of the accident and the weather conditions.

Following a car accident it is not advisable to admit fault.

Who is to blame for the accident can be decided once all the circumstances are known.

If you have a disposable camera in the car it will be handy to take photographs of the accident scene showing the position of the vehicles before they are moved or driven away.   If you have not got a disposable camera you may be able to take photographs on your mobile or Ipod.

If the police and emergency services attend the car accident scene then it is advisable to take a note of the attending officers name and number in case you or your insurance company or Solicitor wish to contact the police for evidence and/or information in the future.

If you are injured in the accident it is important to seek medical advice as soon as possible.   Due to the shock of the accident it may be that you do not notice the full extent of your injuries until some time afterwards.   In this case it is important that you seek medical attention as soon as you become aware of your injuries.

Do not forget to contact a Solicitor.  Expert advice will make a big difference in relation to any potential claim if you speak to a Solicitor at the outset.  Solicitors could also help and liaise with your insurance company.

When seeking car accident advice it is best to choose a Solicitor who specialises in personal injury compensation claims.  Advice can be sought in relation to all types of claims including head on car collisions, accidents on  motorways, rear end shunts, accidents involving animals, car accidents involving foreign vehicles, accidents caused by drivers without any insurance.    It is best to seek car accident advice from a professional Solicitor at the beginning of your claim so that you are well equipped and supported from the very start.